Torpedo beats CSKA at home every five years. Earlier, when grandfather Tikhonov had not yet talked to our Vladimir Vladimirovich and he had not introduced him to darling Sechin, it was more often, and much more often. And as soon as Rosneft fell in love with the army club, Torpedo, which does not have any Rosneft, and at best, Nizhnovvodokanal, it became so hard.

So, Torpedo beats CSKA at home every five years. The penultimate time it was in 2014, the last in 2019. Therefore, the next time Nizhny Novgorod will beat the army team at home no earlier than 2024. Therefore, one should not worry and worry, just as one should not bother with stupid questions from the series: who will CSKA now play in the first link?? Because by Nizhny Novgorod standards, CSKA has all the first links, including those that periodically whistle out of Zvezda and polish the bench in the main team.

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It is clear that behind Torpedo there is an abyss, into which the Nizhny Novgorod residents are trying to shove Siberia, but no matter how Novosibirsk did it with the car factories earlier. That is, the white flag “Torpedo” will not throw away, will not surrender itself, maybe even lead in the score, if CSKA will habitually play vanka for two periods. But in the third period, the people of Nizhny Novgorod will still have a kirdyk, no matter how hard they try.

Therefore, write down: the guests will win, and they will do so in the third period and in regular time. And the minimum advantage in the account for their eyes is enough for this.

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